WAR Facts 

April 1, 2008

On iTunes, WAR tallies more than 230,000 digital music downloads and more than 140,000 ringtone downloads since the release on March 15, 2008. On YouTube, WAR's video clips list more than five million hits. An average of 25,000 WAR tracks per week are enjoyed by fans on MYSPACE and the MYSPACE page listing 125,000 unique visitors last year. Now you can see and hear them all live, along with their other greatest hits, on these three special packages. For more info visit: www.war.com and also check out the greatest WAR's music is featured in popular video games for Playstation3 and XBOX including; MLB 08: The Show, Driver: Parallel Lines, the mega-hit Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas which has sold 21 million copies worldwide to date. 

Music from WAR will also be featured in EA's highly anticipated video game Skate 2. In early 2009 on Playstation3 and XBOX.  

April 21, 2008
Eric Burdon & War perform a reunion concert at Royal Albert Hall 

October 15, 2008
WAR signs with American Public Television with the 1 hour Public Television Special: 
"Live at The Grove" Most PBS stations will use this special for pledge drives in
conjunction with Live Appearances in local markets.

Nasa Fans 

WAR's music has touched all of us at one time or another.

In 1975 when the Russians and Americans hooked up together in space NASA played "Why Can't
We Be Friends?. 

War's most memorable hits of all time include; "Cisco Kid", "Low Rider", "Why Can't We Be Friends", "Slippin' into Darkness", and "The World is a Ghetto". During the past four decades, WAR has released 19 albums and has achieved ten top 10 "Billboard" Pop and R&B singles. "The World Is A Ghetto," which is also featured on these sets, was honored as the Pop Album of the Year in 1972 by "Billboard Magazine". With the band's long-hailed musical virtuosity and influences that include jazz, rock, funk, soul, R&B and Latin, War has impacted its fans, as well as other musicians, regardless of race, generation or genre. This is the one "WAR" that has truly brought people together. WAR's music is familiar to baby boomers, as well as to younger generations. Founding member, Lonnie Jordan acknowledges that 2009 will mark the critically acclaimed band's fortieth year.

The band's songs have been used in national advertising campaigns by companies as diverse as Burger King, Nokia, Chevy, and Miller Lite, Kodak and more. Their songs are heard in major motion pictures including; Lethal Weapon, Boogie Nights, Fridays and Gone in 60 Seconds, Beverly Hills Chihuahua, Rock N Rolla as well as on hit television shows that have included; Entourage, Beverly Hills 90210, My Name is Earl, King of the Hills and The Simpsons.