January 19, 2024

The World is A Ghetto (QUADIO) (BLU-RAY AUDIO) Out Now!

The World is A Ghetto (QUADIO) (BLU-RAY AUDIO) is available now for the first time ever! Celebrate the 50th anniversary of this iconic album with a whole new listening experience. 
Available For The First Time In Nearly 50 YearsTransferred From The Original Half-Inch Four-Channel MastersBlu-ray With 192/24 Resolution Quadraphonic And Hi-Res Stereo MixesQuadraphonic sound, or 4.0 surround sound, utilizes four audio channels connected to four speakers positioned at the corners of a listening space. The multi-tracked audio is mixed dimensional, immersing the listener in an expansive soundscape.
Shop this new high-quality mix today: https://bit.ly/3S8mfDU
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